Is Portland a City Worth Living In?

Name : Colin Behr

Location : Downtown, Portland

Occupation: Footwear Designer

Posted : 18.06.07
Theme : 100 Hours: Portland
Footwear Designer, Colin Behr, talks about rent, transportation and artistic opportunity in the city of Portland and how it compares to other cities.


100 Hours: Portland

After conducting The World in Twelve in 2015, a project where THYNK founder Leo Kominz lived in a different city around the world for a month each and orchestrated various culture comparing projects and interviews, he conceived 100 Hours in 2017, where he aspired for similar goals in a span of 5 days in each city. Disclaimer: It did not work. However, he did get interesting thoughts and ideas from various people in the cities he visited, and here they have found new life as thynk_uncut. (Photo by Zack Spear)


Why Portland Is the Best Food City in America

Why Portland Is the Best Food City in America

Answered : Colin Behr

Posted : 18.06.17
Theme : 100 Hours: Portland
Is Portland a Hipster’s Mecca?

Is Portland a Hipster’s Mecca?

Answered : Devon Duncan

Posted : 18.06.13
Theme : 100 Hours: Portland

Directed by Leo Kominz

Leo Kominz is the founder of THYNK -The Thinking Platform-, and the head of blank, a company that specializes in media management and creative production. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he has educational and professional work experience in both the U.S. and Japan. Before THYNK, he conducted “The World in Twelve,” a globe-trotting project where he lived in a different city around the world for a month each, while conducting interviews and dissecting the daily lives of the average person. He currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.
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