Is Japan Your Home and Can It Become More Foreigner Friendly?

Name : The Kubota Family

Location : Kiso Riverside, Minokamo

Occupation: Company Employee, Translator

Posted : 18.07.28
Theme : Minokamo: The Most Diverse City in Japan
The Kubota family discuss what it’s like to be viewed as Japanese in their native countries of Brazil and Peru, but considered Brazilian and Peruvian while living in Japan.


Minokamo: The Most Diverse City in Japan

When I learned from a friend that Minokamo City, located in Gifu prefecture in the middle of Japan, was actually the most diverse city in Japan, I was in disbelief. But a quick google search proved it true, (, and looking at only people in their 20’s, over 14% of the population of Minokamo are foreigners, made up mostly of Brazilian and Filipino immigrants. While the majority of smaller cities around Japan are decreasing in population because of low birth rates and rising average age, Minokamo’s population is actually growing at a few percent a year. The city is filled with Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and English, signage and many hospitals, shops, and fast food restaurants have fluent speakers. It was clearly not the Japan I was used to, and made me wonder…is this what the future will look like?


Directed by Leo Kominz

Leo Kominz is the founder of THYNK -The Thinking Platform-, and the head of blank, a company that specializes in media management and creative production. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he has educational and professional work experience in both the U.S. and Japan. Before THYNK, he conducted “The World in Twelve,” a globe-trotting project where he lived in a different city around the world for a month each, while conducting interviews and dissecting the daily lives of the average person. He currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.
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