Why Is Animation Important?

Name : Christine

Location : San Gabriel, Los Angeles

Occupation: Production Artist

Posted : 18.06.03
Theme : The Power of Animation
Production Artist Christine explains how animation can be a powerful tool to make learning fun, especially for kids.


The Power of Animation

Many of the artists who create today’s cartoons grew up during the 1980s and 1990s. As the art and business of animation evolves, they think about how much has changed and what that means for the people watching their work today.


Why Is Animation Important?

Why Is Animation Important?

Answered : Anthony

Posted : 18.05.28
Theme : The Power of Animation

Directed by James Boo

James Boo is a documentary filmmaker based in Brooklyn. His award-winning web series, 1 Minute Meal, uses food to create a more inclusive portrait of life in New York City.
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